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The Australian Watch Club is a community of watch enthusiasts who share a passion for horology. By joining, you can connect with like-minded individuals, attend events, access exclusive content, and expand your knowledge of watches. It’s a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a vibrant and welcoming community of watch lovers.

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 BAUSELE Liqui Moly Bathurst 12 Hours race.
Roger Dubuis & Gianfranco Ritschel
Fears Watch Event
Grönefeld 1969 DeltaWorks
$99.00 / year

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Get access to in-person networking events, social get-togethers, branded events and masterclasses, and much, much more.


Australian Watch Club is a private membership club that is open to anyone who is interested, and passionate about watches; who are wanting to learn more about this hobby and to meet like-minded people to share in this passion. Australian Watch Club also offers members exclusive access to specialised watch insurance via Australian Watch Insurance. For more information please go to www.australianwatchinsurance.com.au

Australian Watch Club is open to everyone. All is welcome, whether you are a novice and just starting out on your watch appreciation journey or a seasoned collector who is beyond rescue deep in the rabbit hole, or even if you just wanted insurance and the occasional event to attend, there’s a place for everyone.

There are numerous perks available to Australia Watch Club members, including, but not limited to brand events, networking opportunities, social get-togethers, masterclasses and TED-style talks from industry insiders, veterans, brand directors and more. As we understand that watches are not the only passion for our members, we also have growing number of partners from the finer things in life outside of watches, and we are continuing to add to our list of partners.


But most importantly, members have exclusive access to Australia’s only premium watch insurance product, specifically tailored to watch owners/investors/collectors/enthusiasts, so that you have an option to safeguard your pride and joy. For more information please go to www.australianwatchinsurance.com.au

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