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Roger Dubuis & Gianfranco Ritschel

Ted Talks are a dime a dozen, but a ‘G-Talk’ is far more interesting and far less common. As they say, IYKYK. Those who didn’t, before a special event on Friday afternoon, now do. Gianfranco Ritschel is a well-known figure in the watch industry, and he took some time out of his busy schedule to chat exclusively with members of the Australian Watch Club during a visit to Australia. The event was hosted by Nikki Demetriou at the Roger Dubuis boutique in Sydney, which was an extremely generous gesture on her part.

The initial plan was for a 45-minute conversation, but the chat ended up being much longer – almost two hours – due to the engaging and thought-provoking nature of the discussion. Despite being somewhat nerdy, the conversation was both eye-opening and interactive, offering a unique insight into the watch industry from the perspective of a true expert. One of the highlights of the conversation was the opportunity for the members to get to know Roger Dubuis better, including technical advantages of some of their horological innovations. Gianfranco also took personal interest in the watches worn by each member, asking them how they began their watch appreciation journey. throughout the conversation, Gianfranco was open and transparent, answewring all questions asked of him, even the more “controversial” ones. his candid and straight forward replies were refreshing, providing food for thought and inspiring deeper reflection on the watch industry.

The two hour session felt like two minutes, and it could have easily gone for another hour- time really flies when you’re having fun! Gianfranco was informative, humorous and captivating, the knowledge flowed without the need for notes and the genuine passion and enthusiasm he has for watches and for the watch industry in general can be felt in abundance.

Overall, the event was an incredible opportunity for members of the Australian Watch Club to learn from a true industry legend and gain a better understanding of the intricacies of watchmaking. It was a testament to the generosity and passion of both Gianfranco Ritschel and the Australian Watch Club members, and an experience that will undoubtedly be cherished for years to come. Our heartfelt appreciation to Gianfranco, Nikki, and Roger Dubuis for such a memorable experience! Our heartfelt appreciation to Gianfranco, Nikki, and Roger Dubuis for such a memorable experience!


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